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Toshiba 1.8" ZIF 240GB MK2431GAH HDD For Ipod 5th Video
  • Note: We check Only compatible with ipod 5th video
  • Specifications:
    Data Storage Capacity:
    Per drive, Formatted 240 GB
    Number of Platters 2
    Number of Heads 4
    Bytes/ Sector 4096
    Rotational Speed (rpm) 4200
    Average Seek Time: msec
    Track-to-Track 3
    Average 15
    Maximum 26
    Type PATA
    Buffer (MB) 8
    Data Transfer Rate: 100MB/s
    Power Requirements:
    Voltage (V); Supply +3.3V (5%)
    Sleep (Watts) 0.07
    Standby (Watts) 0.1
    Read (Watts) 0.8
    Write (Watts) 0.8
    Start-up (Watts) 1.8
    Physical & Environmental Specifications Dimensions
    Height 8
    Width 54
    Depth 71.0
    Weight 59 g
    Ambient Temperature ¡ãC :
    Operating 5¡ã~60¡ã
    Non-Operating -20¡ã~65¡ã
    Vibration and Shock:
    Operating Vibration 2.0 G with 15-500Hz
    Operating Shock 600 G 2 msec
    Non-Operating 1500 G 1msec
    Acoustic Noise (Random Seek) 22 dBA
    Reliability Characteristics:
    MTTF 300,000 hours

Model: MK2431GAH

Toshiba 1.8" ZIF 240GB MK2431GAH HDD For Ipod 5th Video Warranty:

1. 100% Q.C. of Toshiba 1.8" ZIF 240GB MK2431GAH HDD For Ipod 5th Video.
2. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
3. Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
4. Full 1 Year Warranty.
5. 30 Days Money Back.
6. Shipping Worldwide.

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