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AR9280 wireless wifi N card Mini Apple Macbook Airport A1181

The AR9280 provide the highest level of 802.11n WLAN throughput, which allows PCs to remain in sleep-mode longer to extend battery life. Additionally, they feature Atheros' innovative system-level power-savings protocols, algorithms and circuit design techniques which include:

  • Dynamic MIMO Power Save (DMPS) conserves total system power by seamlessly downshifting to 1x1 MIMO operation when small amounts of data need to be transmitted or received. When the notebook is transmitting or receiving light traffic, the WLAN solution intelligently recognizes the reduced communications requirement and conserves power by switching to 1x1 mode.  the additional WLAN automatically  can switch to the original 2x2 or 1x2 mode to ensure enhanced 802.11n performance. DMPS also senses if the notebook is plugged into AC or battery-power, and dynamically adjusts its MIMO mode to achieve an optimal performance/power balance.
  • Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery (UAPSD) increases a notebook's sleep time while transmitting real-time, moderate bandwidth traffic such as voice, audio and standard definition video. Typically, WLAN systems must spend significant time for transmissions to come from the access point (AP). With UAPSD, the AP sends the downlink traffic immediately after the client device requests the transmission, allowing the client to return to sleep much faster. Atheros' simulated-UAPSD technology brings power-saving benefits to PCs even when connected to legacy access points which do not have UAPSD intelligence.
  • Atheros Wake-on-Wireless allows the host system to go into very low-power standby mode, but be awakened at any time by the network, or a remote device. The AR9280 chips support this operation by processing incoming packets independently, and waking the host only when a message requesting the host system take action arrives. This feature allows the notebook to remain in a low power state until the network or a remote device requests information. No driver CD accompanied.

AR9280 wireless wifi N card Mini Apple Macbook Airport A1181 Warranty:

1. 100% Q.C. of AR9280 wireless wifi N card Mini Apple Macbook Airport A1181.
2. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
3. Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
4. Full 1 Year Warranty.
5. 30 Days Money Back.
6. Shipping Worldwide.

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